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How do I prepare my lips for lipstick?

How do I prepare my lips for lipstick?

Most of the women like to use long lasting lipstick, whether they go out. In some cases, the lips are very chapped in which the lipstick does not appear great after use.

Generally, many of us do not take much care of the lips on a routine basis or keep them moisturized. Indeed, it is one of the most important fashion accessories in which many women cannot perform without it.

Usually, exfoliate lips before lipstick can give fantastic lip to the woman. But, it is very much essential to know how to apply the lipstick properly.

Simple tips to prepare your lips for lipstick

As like any other makeup techniques, flawlessly applying matte lipstick can be a gifted thing. It needs some patience, a steady hand and required tools to fix a predictable slide up.

When your lips are chapped or cracked, your lipstick will surely create these cracks more visible. In order to avoid such an awkward situation, you must require an answer for this issue.

prepare lips

When you prepare lips for lipstick, below are some useful tips that will assist you to make your lips crack free and smooth for excellent lipstick application every time.

  • Exfoliate your lips
  • Add moisture
  • Use lip liner to have a great shape
  • Use your matte lipstick perfectly

Things you must always do before applying lipstick

The trend of matte lipstick is not going anywhere and anytime soon. Now, it is the time to ensure that you are applying your products perfectly and looking after your lips along a path.

Whether applying lipstick is your must have makeup, these are some essential things that you want to know on how to wear a matte method.


Wearing a lipstick will highlight any flaws and cracks on your mouth unfortunately. So, exfoliation is more important here. It



Moisturizing your mouth means your lips will not dry out as very quick and make sure your lip colour goes on very simply. Here, you can either use a lip rejuvenating smoothing balm or natural oil.


You can also use a primer to pamper your lips and keep your lipstick for a longer time. Furthermore, foundation on lips before lipstick can give an awesome feel and look.


Hence, these tips are very helpful for you while getting your matte on your lips and have a great look.