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What exercises can I do to shape my lips?

What exercises can I do to shape my lips?

Normally, the face and scalp are made up of 10 groups of muscles. One of these muscle groups is lips that are surrounded by three muscles, which make you smile, chew, pucker or frown.

When you age more, the muscles and skin of your lips start to droop and cause your face to appear older. So, you can shape lips with exercise that might assist you improve the blood flow, tone the muscles of your lips and also minimize your drooping skin.

By exercise the circle of muscles around your mouth with certain exercises, you can describe and expand the lips. Whenever you wish to shape your lips, you can simply refer a guide how to shape lips naturally and then improve your overall facial appearance.


Make your lips larger with facial yoga

The facial yoga is completely based on a theory in which the facial exercises perform the work of a face lift and omit the surgery. This facial exercise is specially made to use the muscles around your lips and get you have the look of stronger and smoother lips.

To perform this facial yoga, initially, you can sit up straight and tighten your lips. Then, stretch your mouth into a smile and keep your lips tightened again. And, kiss your lips like if you are throwing air kisses.

Facial exercises for lips

Now, many people have query like exercises can I do to shape my lips? Of course, the exercises like suck your finger with your lips can also tone and tighten the muscles in and around your lips.

You just hold this for around five seconds and then relax your mouth slowly and remove your finger from your mouth. You can repeat this exercise for about 10 times to shape your lips. While performing this, you can feel the muscles of your lips and cheeks tightening.