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The Dessert Lab is a family business that was originally a cheesecake catering company starting in 2011. The head chef, originally a software engineer for 30 years, brought about these delicious desserts and recipes through a blend of passion for the art of baking and her technical know-how through years of experience. What started as a simple few, but decadent flavors, has now become an experimental platform to create unique flavors that can satisfy every craving. Our innovative efforts can be seen in our cheesecakes, which we elevate to a level of blissful originality with flavor iterations that include saffron, rose, and french toast with bacon.


On the retail front, The Dessert Lab offers a weekly rotation of decadent desserts, both traditional and all new unique creations; each week we showcase several cheesecake flavors and a variety of other sweets out of our vast repertoire. Custom orders are always welcome: you may select from over 30 flavors of cheesecake in over 5 different sizes, a variety of regular cakes in multiple sizes, cupcakes, cookies, European desserts, and so much more. In addition to the gourmet selection of pastries and desserts, you can enjoy a bistro style savory menu with fresh house made breads, Italian espresso, teas, and smoothies to provide the perfect cafe experience.

Our goal is to give a product to our customers that they remember and crave endlessly. By using all natural ingredients and refusing to add preservatives, artificial flavors, or additives, we wish to stay true to our style of baking while providing the best quality product. At The Dessert Lab taste reigns supreme.

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The Dessert Lab

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